Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year

May peace be more than a season...may it be a way of life!!! Happy New Year! 2009 is going to be outstanding!!!
Love & Light, Meagan

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I wanted to wish everybody out there a Merry Christmas and I pray that the true spirit of compassion, love, grace and self-understanding that was modeled for us by Christ touches your hearts and minds in a beautiful and miraculous way. I wish you all peace, joy, prosperity and health!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Angel

I have finally come close to finishing the Snow Angel from the 2007 Christmas Spirit Collection. Let me tell you....this is the most beautiful angel of all of the ones I have done. She is just exquisite! The colors...OMG are so cool and beautiful. She is a lot of work...mostly metallic braid and lots of beading...but she is worth the work =) I don't believe any photo could do her justice...she is a must stitch! I am working on the wings...and I have the snowflake done, but not strung. She doesn't need anything she's so beautiful by herself. I will complete and assemble her by the end of the week.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Sweet Friend

Cameo sent me this adorable pillow for Christmas. Isn't it cute!!! Merry Christmas and Thank You Cameo!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Smokin' Needles

Here she is!!!! Finished!!! I also finished the N from the Stitcher's Alphabet. Off to start something new!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

I thought I would post some of my Brooke's Books designs on my tree. The Angel is from last year ..the Spirit of Giving... The others are Gingerbabies! I love them. Sorry my picture taking skills are not that great! The Baking Angel will be done and added to the tree this week =)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Stitchy Witchy 3D

I found this awesome lady Laurie on Etsy...of course. She make these Sewl Mates. So I had her make me a witch. I got her today and I love her so much!!! She is a dress form pincushion with a sweet little face and her fabulous hat. On her belt is a frog he is actually a needle threader. She has a spot for scissors, and the spool holds a pumpkin seam ripper. She's beautiful and functional! I'm in love!

I also thought I would add my ABC sampler from Brooke's Books. I started working on the N last night. I'm also still working on my Baking Angel...she's coming along nicely!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Current Project

I have been busy purging lately. After my Aunt crossed over and we went through all of her stuff...I thought oh there is no way I want someone coming into my house and seeing all this JUNK!!! So I am on a mission to organize and get my house in tip top shape. I don't sit during the day to stitch so it takes me a little longer to finish projects...but I do stitch fast =) I was working on another project and then I got my new angels in the mail from Brooke and I just had to start on one of them. I chose the Baking angel. I just love all of her accessories and she's juste si très beau that I had to start her right away. Oh LaLa! So here she is in progress...I'll post more when I finish Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Daisy Bug

Just had to share my sweet baby neice in her Halloween costume...this isn't that great of a picture. Doesn't she look thrilled...LOL

...the kitty is my brothers as well... Hercules

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Holy Stash!

I don't know how many times I have said..."Oh I don't have a lot of stash"....Well I'm hear to say I'm a liar! I cleaned out my craft closet today...and OMG! I have so much stuff! A lot of them are things I bought for the kids and didn't get around to or started and never finished and probably never will! To add to that I got the SB design in the mail...it is beautiful!!!!

I did find this...it is the first thing I ever stitched...it has to be about 15 years old. I noticed some of the stitches are going in the wrong direction. I think I will make a pillow or something out of it. I'm not going to fix the stitches...gives it character =)

I also found these. This was a DMC kit that you could send away for a few years ago. It was a Mother/Daughter thing. I think these poppy's are so cute! What to do with them...hmmmm

Friday, October 17, 2008

Super Duper Exciting News!!!

Well...I am just so darn happy. My Yahoo Group for Brooke's Books..is the #2 group on Yahoo and Brooke's Announce-Only group is #1. It is definatly a labor of love! Join us!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October Cake is Here!!!

The next in the cake series is the crazy October Cake. It is very fun and versitile. It could be split up into three little cakes as well. To have access to this freebie you must be a member of my Yahoo Group. To join click the little Stichie Witchie on the right side of the page.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sweet Treats Continued

I have been spending way to long on the computer lately and haven't been stitching to much. I did want to post my progress on Sweet Treats. I must say I really love the boarder. The variegation in the floss makes it so beautiful! Hopefully, it will be done soon! =)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Memory of My Kitty Ed

I just wanted to post this picture of my sweet kitty Ed. He died today and right now I have so much stress and it seems like everyone is gone and I'm all alone. So I guess this is my way of talking about it. I have had this cat since I was 14 and needless to say it's a sad day around our house. I love you Ed and I'll see you on the otherside! Rest In Peace!

Current WIP

Here is my Sweet Treats...It is almost finished! I will be able to finish the last block "Cake" in one sitting and then to start the boarder. I still plan to make a big beautiful pillow out of it for my rocking chair, but I may put the finishing off. I've been very busy with family and taking care of my Aunt, and children, and my business...so I may just pick up the next project and do the finishing when my life slows down a little bit. =)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My New Pins

Etsy strikes again!!! My friend Mary makes the most awesome sewing supplies. She is the one that created all my wonderful knitting hooks and crochet needles. I just purchased these sewing pins from her....and these could be very deadly for me. I can see hundreds of them in my future.

http://scary2merry.etsy.com/ for her pin kits & http://scarymerry.etsy.com/ for knitting/crochet supplies.

Friday, September 19, 2008

NEW!!! Cross Stitch Freebie Cake

Here is the beautiful September Cake from Brooke's Books. It can be found exclusively on my Yahoo Group. Click the little witchy poo on the left to join!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I was just walking home from the neighbors, AKA Mom & Dad, and noticed my wisteria had bloomed. It's just this one flower and it's rare because it hasn't had flowers on it since July.

I also was intreaged by this vine...I love the way they wind all over everything. If you click to enlarge it..it's even more beauiful.

And...yet another sunflower. This one is very inusual in color, but I don't think I captured it well. It's very tall and in an odd place.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Sunflowers

My sunflowers were so beautiful this morning I had to go out and take pictures of them. We are still enjoying the most beautiful Indian Summer here in North Idaho. It is supposed to be around 85 today and 90 tomorrow! YIKES!!! Just as we all take the A/C out of our houses. I'm not complaining! I love it...and since I'm not ready for fall yet...I'm going to take what I can get!

Miss Hermione Jean is enjoying the day as well....of course she's looking for something to munch on.

More sunflowers

Friday, September 12, 2008

Etsy is the worst thing that has ever happened to me!!!!!!!!

So...I have some serious issues when it comes to collecting...luckly I plan on living for quite a few more years so I can put a dent in all this stash of mine.

I have been knitting and am ready to make my first project. I spend quite a bit of time on my machine and my hands get cold. So I thought I would make some arm cozies...but then most of you know that I couldn't just make plain ones! (I probably will later) So I went to my favorite place http://www.etsy.com/ and found this wonderful lady Shelby with her beautiful hand dyed Harry Potter (of course) inspired yarn. Well since I am fairly new at the knitting business I asked her about it and she was very friendly and helpful and this is what I got. It is so beautiful, soft, and luxurious. I LOVE IT!!!! So out came Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hedwig, & the Sorting Hat to help me make this pattern from Lions Brand (they have a ton of wonderful free patterns..BTW!)

I'm a little scared so this might take me a bit to finish...I'll keep you posted! Thank you Shelby! I will be back for more!!!

My Beloved Needles were made by Mary - http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=31348

PS...I'm working on the picture taking skills..they're not that great..sorry =)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Calm before the BRRRR!!!

We have been having an absolutely beautiful Indian Summer here in North Idaho. It's been in the mid to upper 70's with blue skies as far as the eye can see. After the brutal winter we had last year this is very welcome. Though I am not looking forward to winter at this moment ... and still wishing I could jump back in the water...(too cold now) it is a nice place to be and I remind myself daily to just be one with it all in this moment. As Einstein says "Space and time are not conditions in which we live, but modes in which we think" I try and keep that close to me and live in the Now! Have a great day!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Thread Holders

So, my new friend Monique makes this awesome thread holders. I bought one for Stitching with Jane Austen and thought I would have her make some for Brooke's Books. So here it is. They are available on her Etsy Store and are very handy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just as I always thought....LOL!!!

Your result for The Harry Potter Husband Test...

Mrs. Harry Potter

You like a guy who's not afraid to fight evil when evil picks a fight. There's a lot to say for bravery in the face of overwhelming odds, even if it does come with a prejudice against people who don't fit into his conception of "good guy" and a penchant for hurling objects across rooms when he gets angry. But in fairness, for an orphan who's spent the better part of his life being hunted by the most evil wizard in existence, he's turned out pretty well. Just be prepared to name your kids after everyone he's ever lost, because he's got a bit of an obsession about the past.

(Fanart by hito 76 http://hito76.deviantart.com/ Used with permission.)

Take The Harry Potter Husband Test at HelloQuizzy

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sweet Treats

Well, I've just been a blogging fool today! This is my current WIP! I plan on making it a big beautiful pillow.

HP Swap....DONE!!!!

Well I have finally finished it all. Unfortunatly, my lovely children damaged one of the eggs for the dragons beyond repair. I am so pleased...right! Anyway, I do not have time to redo them so it will have to go as is...I still think it's a pretty good swap. So here they are...what do you think???

Spirit Angels

Miss Brooke has finished all of the Spirit Angels for this Christmas Season. Introducing: The Spirit of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Christmas Stitching, & Holiday Baking. Aren't they wonderful! I can't wait to add them to my tree!!!