Friday, September 12, 2008

Etsy is the worst thing that has ever happened to me!!!!!!!!

So...I have some serious issues when it comes to collecting...luckly I plan on living for quite a few more years so I can put a dent in all this stash of mine.

I have been knitting and am ready to make my first project. I spend quite a bit of time on my machine and my hands get cold. So I thought I would make some arm cozies...but then most of you know that I couldn't just make plain ones! (I probably will later) So I went to my favorite place and found this wonderful lady Shelby with her beautiful hand dyed Harry Potter (of course) inspired yarn. Well since I am fairly new at the knitting business I asked her about it and she was very friendly and helpful and this is what I got. It is so beautiful, soft, and luxurious. I LOVE IT!!!! So out came Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hedwig, & the Sorting Hat to help me make this pattern from Lions Brand (they have a ton of wonderful free patterns..BTW!)

I'm a little scared so this might take me a bit to finish...I'll keep you posted! Thank you Shelby! I will be back for more!!!

My Beloved Needles were made by Mary -

PS...I'm working on the picture taking skills..they're not that great..sorry =)

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