Thursday, October 30, 2008

Holy Stash!

I don't know how many times I have said..."Oh I don't have a lot of stash"....Well I'm hear to say I'm a liar! I cleaned out my craft closet today...and OMG! I have so much stuff! A lot of them are things I bought for the kids and didn't get around to or started and never finished and probably never will! To add to that I got the SB design in the is beautiful!!!!

I did find is the first thing I ever has to be about 15 years old. I noticed some of the stitches are going in the wrong direction. I think I will make a pillow or something out of it. I'm not going to fix the it character =)

I also found these. This was a DMC kit that you could send away for a few years ago. It was a Mother/Daughter thing. I think these poppy's are so cute! What to do with them...hmmmm


Cameo said...

The country thing is cute!! So dated but cute nonetheless!! I love the poppies... maybe a pillow with both of them together on it -- like a long horizital pillow with a strip of material seperating them...but still sewn together with a border of material around them... i could draw a picture better than explaining!! sigh.

love ya!

Sandra said...

You're right! I also have my first two projects waiting to become a finish object, despite the fact that they look awful on the back and have many stitches facing the wrong direction, I'll leave them that way, it's part of my history lol

Yours look beautiful, also like the poppies.