Thursday, November 13, 2008

Current Project

I have been busy purging lately. After my Aunt crossed over and we went through all of her stuff...I thought oh there is no way I want someone coming into my house and seeing all this JUNK!!! So I am on a mission to organize and get my house in tip top shape. I don't sit during the day to stitch so it takes me a little longer to finish projects...but I do stitch fast =) I was working on another project and then I got my new angels in the mail from Brooke and I just had to start on one of them. I chose the Baking angel. I just love all of her accessories and she's juste si très beau that I had to start her right away. Oh LaLa! So here she is in progress...I'll post more when I finish Thanks for looking!

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Cameo said...

I love it!! I love the Christmas ange of Baking -- she looks so Gibson-girl like. So warm and inviting.. I have to say, she's my fav. I cannot wait to see her when you're done. Lots of luck with the purging -- it's feels good when you're done!! I promise