Monday, November 24, 2008

Stitchy Witchy 3D

I found this awesome lady Laurie on Etsy...of course. She make these Sewl Mates. So I had her make me a witch. I got her today and I love her so much!!! She is a dress form pincushion with a sweet little face and her fabulous hat. On her belt is a frog he is actually a needle threader. She has a spot for scissors, and the spool holds a pumpkin seam ripper. She's beautiful and functional! I'm in love!

I also thought I would add my ABC sampler from Brooke's Books. I started working on the N last night. I'm also still working on my Baking Angel...she's coming along nicely!


Annie said...

She is just fabulous. Thanks for sharing the link to the store. All her work is wonderful.

The abc sampler is looking good. Hope we see more letters soon.

Mare said...

I just love her! What a fun piece! Great job on the sampler.