Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cupcakes & Community

My life has just been a big adventure since my daughters diagnosis a month ago. My brain is filling with information and I believe we are making huge steps toward a cure. We are taking a low carb approach to this and I have also intuitively cut out most of our wheat. My daughter isn't intolerant to it...but I just feel in my gut like that's the thing to do. It does help that I am intolerant and I guess needed another reason to get rid of it. I have found the most incrediable blog and this lady has become my favorite Gluten Free Green Mama. I have been breaking out of my shell in the kitchen a little and branching off into some of my own baking alchemy. So I went into the kitchen today and brewed up my third batch of Elana's Vanilla Cupcakes. The first two batches I made as directed...the first ones didn't come out so good...the second were much better and today's batch are AMAZING...I did change one thing...I used coconut oil instead as I have found I detest the taste of grapeseed oil. I also whipped up her wonderful chocolate frosting...these cupcakes tasted so good and coconuty I thought I would make some coconut frosting for them...but I don't have some of the things for the recipes I found on the web. I did however have Coconut Cream. I haven't used this before and upon reading the label it says that it's 70% oil....and it is a good clean source of essential I desided to use my Vita-Mix and smooth it out. I then added agave to taste a dash of salt and vanilla. I put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and then hand whipped it. OMG! It is sooooo a matter of fact...I am now making another batch of cupcakes so I can use up all this frosting....LOL!

On another very wonderful note....I am very proud to belong to the second fully sustainable community in the United States. Boulder Colorado is the first to earn that title. What that means is that my area is fully able to care and provide all of its citizens with everything we need to live. We don't need to go anywhere ... we have it all right here! Bravo Sandpoint, Idaho! I strongly believe a lot of the pain we are going through right now is because we have become a society of conveince and not of self sustainablity. I work hard toward doing everything I can for my family, my Earth...myself! It's so rewarding!

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Gaynor said...

Congrats on your cakes and on sustainability.
We are trying to be self sustainable and are doing well but could do better..still it is a start!