Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Party Animals

Here are the little party-goers on Halloween night. We didn't trick-or-treat as all of the candy collected went to the Switch Witch. Josephine was Poison Ivy from Batman..and a little upset everyone thought she was a fairy. She kept saying...I'm a bad girl! LOL She had successfully worn off part of her make up by flipping her hair out of her face..you can no longer see the paint detail above her eyes. Isabelle was Cleopatra and was sewn pretty tightly in that toga. Coy was Optimus Prime. We have a great little community center and they had games and prizes. It was a fun night over all and when they woke up Sunday morning to their new toys it was well worth giving up the candy!


dixiesamplar said...

How adorable Meg! Those are some great costumes and such cute kids!

Love your little witchy poo from your last post...she is adorable as well!


Alice said...

Your children look adorable and very proud in their Halloween costumes Meagan. Josephine does look cute as a fairy. : )) I prefer a fairy to a poison ivy. Lovely memories to look back on. What fun to be young.

Siobhan said...

They're adorable! Tell Josephine that I would recognize Poison Ivy anywhere. ;)

Micki said...

Looks like a fun Halloween for your family! Love the pics!