Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Second BBD Stocking

This stocking is from the May Flowers publication. I really love this one. The picture doesn't do it justice since it was taken on my phone. I'm charging my camera so I can add a better one later.

This is the one I had problems with....and they were operator errors not pattern flaws. I had ironed on my fusible webbing and was starting to cut...while distracted by rowdy children...and along the back side to the heel I cut right up against the webbing not adding the 1/4" seam allowance! I about had a melt down...well Vonna came to my rescue and suggested I apply a Fray Stop and allow it to dry over night that way I could stitch it without worrying about it coming apart. Well it WORKED! You can tell if you look very closely...but that's art for you!

Hoping you are all enjoying your Holiday Season!


Carolyn NC said...

It's beautiful!

DJ said...

I like the picture you took from your cell phone! And I think you did a lovely job stitching it and it looks great hanging on your tree! Your blog looks so festive for the season, very cute! *Hugs* DJ

Charlene said...

So pretty! Loving your series!

Art is art - we all have little 'glitches' once in a while (mine are more than not).

Micki said...

It's beautiful! Happy holiday to you!