Monday, June 28, 2010


Wow!  It's been over a month since my last entry....time just moves by way to quickly!  It's been crazy around here.  My in-law's where here for a week and in between boughts of rain we explored some the surrounding areas.  We went to the Gardner Caves in Metalline Falls.  We were able to go down several hundred feet and look at all of the incredible formations.  The cave was founded by a man named Gardner in 1899.  They say he was the local moonshine expert and this is where he kept his stash.  It is told that he lost a card came to a man named Crawford in the 1920's and it became his land.  The Gardner Cave is located in Crawford Park.

We also went a little farther north just about to the Canadian Border and checked out the lookout at the Metalline Dam.  The dam supplies the power to about half of the city of Seattle.  It is an amazing view on a small little platform 200 feet above the water.  

I hope to show you the pictures of our trip soon....
if I can find the cord to my camera..ugh!!!

The visit also coincided with the girls birthdays.  Isabelle turned 10 on the 14th and Jo was 7 on the 23rd.  We had our family party at the house.   The big birthday gift this upcycled kitchen.  In it's previous life this was a changing table/dresser with a hutch above it.  It is made out of that cheap press board and had seen better days.   The kids love to play restaurant so it was my idea to turn this into a life size kitchen.  My parents did all the work on it and it turned out amazing!!!!  The drawers were removed and in it's place a sink and oven.  The tower on the side makes the perfect refrigerator.  The girls absolutely love it!  I am in the process of making a bunch of felt food from Bugga Bugs so then have more to play with.  It's kept them busy and they even have a tip jar that got full that night from all of the great service. Sorry for the blurry pictures.  I had to pull these off of my Mom's facebook page =)

On a stitching note...I'm still working on Bent Creek Big Round Zipper...however I have misplaced my thread pack...somewhere between the couch and my NEW craft room!!!! I'm on the look out and after I finish up this food I'll be back to it.  So much crafting so little time!!!!


Vonna said...

That is a darling, darling kitchen upcycle!! I love it!

Alice said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Please try and find that cord and share some photos. ; ) What a darling little kitchen. I am sure the girls love it. Its about time I post on my blog too but I am oh so lazy to do so. Hopefully soon if I can get my act together.