Wednesday, April 27, 2011

many apologies.............

I have really slacked off on my giveaways!  I went on a business trip to Mexico and it required a lot of prep work..and then I went and enjoyed some sun..and worked hard.  Now I'm back and I'm trying to do all the work from all the business created in Mexico and still finding little things my husband and/or kids did or didn't do while I was's amazing all the little things that keep popping up.  At any rate I am sincerely sorry for not getting these out. 

However,  I only have 4 of the giveaways on my desk and ready to go.  They are to Pike, Mrs MJ in Sheffield, Penny B, & Joyce F.  I haven't gotten emails from anyone else with their addresses.  I am shipping these out tomorrow and any others that email me I will ship within the week.  If I do not hear from you by Friday of next week I'm going to repost the charts not claimed.  So if you email me and do not receive a response please know I didn't get it.  I will check my comments here just in case you are trying to email me and don't hear back.

My email address is meagan at brookesbooks dot com. 

I have some progress on my Blackbird Anniversaries of the Heart, but I can't seem to find my camera...I didn't even take it with me to Mexico.  Hopefully, I will locate it soon as I am in need of some opinions! 

Happy Stitching!