Sunday, June 5, 2011

Work In Progress.........

I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful June day.  It's warm here....finally!!!  I've been working on BBD Anniversaries of the Heart.  I still have to go back and fix January.  I am waiting for some new threads to come in.  February is my cousin Heidi (Bear is her real middle name).  She is two years older than me and is my sister more than my cousin.  I love her more than words.  This is a picture of me and her with our Uncle Shawn on his 50th birthday. 
My Nany was also born in February, and I may work her into this piece or into another.  I tried to go through all of my charts and assign them...well that hasn't worked too well.  I will probably end up leaving a few of them blank and going back to fill them in at the end.
I took a siesta from Anniversaries to whip out our latest freebies in the Stitcher's Alphabet, S & T.  T was fun...I don't know that it's perfect, but its a really pretty letter.  You can get them all on the website -